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Staying competitive in an e-commerce world

By August 20, 2021April 24th, 2023No Comments

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In today’s day and age, almost anything can be purchased online. As convenient and efficient as that is for all of us, in-store shopping becomes greatly impacted by this reality. Although online shopping might be prevalent for the time being, the classic brick-and-mortar stores are definitely here to stay—but with a lot of room for improvement.

One of the most efficient tactics to step up in-store shopping and elevate the customer experience is embracing technology and the latest gadgets. Digital Smart Labels™ could be the perfect solution for your business. With its interactive design and creative components, you could minimize the difference between the online shopping experience and in-store!

As the article from Retail Insider titled Major e-commerce brands are opening brick-and-mortar stores said, “There remains plenty of business to be done in brick-and-mortar locations—if you have something remarkable and meaningfully customer-relevant.”. Continue reading to find out how you can stay competitive with Digital Smart Labels™.

Digital experience in-store

With the new consumer mindset gradually taking over, retail has had to adapt. Shifting the old-school expectations of an in-store shopping experience and transforming it into a unique experience, surpassing even online shopping, is key to gaining an edge today.

Canadian Grocer shared an interesting fact within an article titled Many Canadians are shopping online, but few are committing: Study stating, “[S]tanding out from the crowd is the most challenging aspect of online retail for many brands,” Therefore, if e-commerce seems to be struggling as well, how do you help your brick-and-mortar store stand out?

Visual updates and in-store branding

With the installation of Digital Smart Labels™ within your retail space, you can digitize and transform the shopping experience game inside and out. Incorporating new and innovative digital signage into your business allows for more touchpoints to interact with consumers, amping your business revenue as a result.

Presenting product information through a customized digital format like Digital Smart Labels™ can help drive and increase sales, all the while being a source of information for customers. Consumers might not necessarily prefer online shopping over in-store, but why not gain an advantage and get your loyal customers coming back again and again.

Instant price updates

The one aspect that avid online shoppers appreciate the most is the simplicity of putting desired items in a bag and completing a purchase with just a few clicks. Sales and promotions are available and visible instantly.

Digital Smart Labels™ can speed up that process in-store and help you communicate pricing in real time. Customers nowadays are price-savvy and price-conscious, and updating product prices or price matching to an online deal in such a quick manner not only shows reliability and efficiency but also gives you an edge against online competition.

More effective marketing

With Digital Smart Labels™, you can also enhance the visuals of an in-store shopping experience. Our labels come in a variety of sizes, enabling retailers to choose the one they desire for their store. Smaller labels would be fitting for prices, whereas the larger labels could be used to promote sales, share ads, or visually enhance a particular area of products with vivid images.

In-store branding as such is a great marketing tool to engage your customers once they walk in while interacting with them as they shop—something that online can’t quite achieve. This then leads to your pricing and inventory becoming more efficient, and your overall operations are better managed.

Motivating consumers

According to an article from Retail Insider titled Digitizing Your Customers’ Experience – 4 Ways Companies Can do it Successfully, “…many Canadian companies across various industries are launching digital initiatives with the goal of improving customers’ experiences.”

Embracing digital tools such as our Digital Smart Labels™ could help retailers re-imagine and re-design the shopping experience for their customers. Promoting interests that your customers value while meeting their expectations is key to success. The options that come with Digital Smart Labels™ truly transform a retail space. Customers crave simplicity and ease of use, alongside convenience and trust, and by implementing all these digital changes within your store customers will be more inclined to engage with your brand long-term.

Digital win

Setting up your retail business for success and elevating the in-store experience requires satisfied and loyal customers. With digitization present almost all around us, today’s consumers are very tech and shopping savvy. Therefore, how do you ensure that you can compete in the competitive world of retail and not get overshadowed by e-commerce and its trends?

The answer is much simpler than you might think—call us today to find out how Digital Smart Labels™ can help you update and digitize your area of business today.