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Stock2Lite™ & Pick2Lite™

By October 28, 2022May 26th, 2023No Comments

Danavation Stock2Lite

When it comes to displaying inventory at retail and warehouse locations, as consumers we have all encountered innumerable shelves of products when entering a store. As a customer finding merchandise in-store, the vast inventory and aisles of goods can be daunting. Some might already be stocked or waiting to be restocked, or simultaneously items are being picked/removed from their location. For store staff and business owners, managing the ebb and flow of inventory and orders is a tremendous, time-consuming task.

Staff can spend a seemingly endless amount of time searching for specific merchandise and deciphering between very similar models of the same product stocked within inches of each other. Traditional method of restocking shelves requires the store clerk to know exactly where all the products are located. When there are products that are similar, a store clerk will require more time to ensure products are stocked correctly. Stock2Lite™ makes the task of restocking shelves more effective by reducing the time and increasing accuracy when replenishing products. Human error can equal increased labour costs.

Ensuring location accuracy of products for both business owners and staff alike can be maintained with the addition of Danavation Technologies’, Stock2Lite™ and Pick2Lite™ platforms. Geared at improving in-store efficiencies and overall improved experiences, these platforms are a game-changer for business owners, and their staff, and can stream-line and vastly improve accuracy and decrease labour costs when it comes to re-stocking shelves.

Stock2Lite™ is market-ready proprietary software created by Danavation. A store associate scans a product UPC code, and the system will send a signal to the Digital Smart Label™ linked to the product you are looking for. That DSL will flash an LED to draw attention and lead you to the exact location the item is located. Accuracy, timesaving, and empowered, positive staff equates to overall efficiencies and in turn, cost saving.

We have seen the increase in consumers’ purchasing habits leaning more to online shopping than ever before. Businesses are spending more money in labour when fulfilling online orders by using their store clerks to complete the order. Store clerks are often found throughout the store, competing for the same space a walk-in customer is taking. To keep up with buyer demand and to facilitate ease as it applies to fulfilling orders, ecommerce websites are taking notice of this technology and implementing it as a productivity enhancement tool.

The Pick2Lite™ application can be used when a customer places an online order and the store clerk needs to find all the products on the shelves to complete the order. When staff are fulfilling an order, they need to know where the product is located throughout the store and will need to take more time to ensure the correct products are picked for the order. The store clerk can scan the product UPC code for each product on the order which can trigger the lights on the DSLs linked to the product to flash thus allowing the store clerk to collect the products from the shelves quickly by just looking for the flashing DSLs.

The improvement in overall efficiencies in store, the speed at which employees can fulfill an order, and most importantly, the accuracy at which this task can be completed are but a few of the benefits of this Danavation technology.