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Beyond the shelf: The many applications of Digital Smart Labels™

By March 15, 2021April 28th, 2023No Comments

warehouse digital smart label

When you think about Digital Smart Labels™, your first thought is probably similar to that of many others—it automates pricing and product information at the shelf.

There’s no doubt that electronic shelf labels have been gaining popularity over the past few years—in fact, it’s expected to soon become a multi-billion dollar industry.

But like any good technology, its capabilities extend beyond one application. Because Digital Smart Labels™ are electrophoretic displays (more commonly known as e-paper) they mimic the appearance of ink on paper, making them easier to read and much more energy efficient than LCD screens.

We know that they work for labelling products. But our solution has the potential to do so much more—in the retail space and beyond.

Transforming retail with Digital Smart Labels

A retail store is never just a store; it’s a chance to bring your brand and products to life. Digital Smart Labels™ have changed the way customers interact with retailers at the shelf, which has long been a static point of contact for customers.

While electronic shelf labels are known for living, well, on the shelf, they can actually live in many other places inside a retail store. Take pallet displays for example, which are often used by retailers to showcase promotional or seasonal products. Large format Digital Smart Labels™ can be adhered to this and used as a marketing tool to draw attention to said product.

If you want to get even more creative, you can hang them from an endcap, attach them to a blade merchandiser, or even suspend them from the ceiling. The applications in-store are endless.

And it doesn’t stop there. Digital Smart Labels™ are also ideal for queuing. Whether it’s instructing customers where to line up to pay, or informing customers about wait times to enter a store (something that’s becoming increasingly necessary to adjust to consumer preferences in a COVID-19 world) the technology can be applied in any situation that requires real time updates.

Disrupting industries, one Digital Smart Labelat a time.

Once upon a time, e-paper was once just associated with Kindle. Now, this technology can be found everywhere, from price tags to billboards. We’ve seen how well Digital Smart Labels™ work in the retail and grocery industry, but that’s only a fraction of what our technology is capable of.

Healthcare facilities and long-term care homes can use them to safely store, display, and access patient information. Logistics and manufacturing companies can use them to automate tedious workflows. Animal services can use them to digitize their records and ease the adoption process. Even the military can use them to simplify complex supply chains and maintenance programs.

And because Digital Smart Labels™ reflect light like paper, they are easy to read in direct sunlight, making them perfect for displaying and updating transit information, gas station prices, event passes, or even outdoor menus.


Whatever your industry, our Digital Smart Labels™ technology can be implemented as a way to engage with customers, streamline operations, or even modernize static signage. Contact us today to learn more.