Word From the CEO

August 2021

CEO and Founder at Danavation

SaaS: our next big disruptor

We’ve already disrupted the market with our Digital Smart Label™ solutions, and now we’re getting ready to do it again—this time, with SaaS software. 

I’m excited to share that we’re growing our IoT offering with an all-new Software-as-a-Service platform that will transform the way grocers and retailers automate their workflow and manage data analytics. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology behind our Digital Smart Labels™, our web-based application will further improve efficiency and reduce manual labour for our customers, while also providing the same reliability and accuracy they know and trust.

This is an important milestone for us, as it sets the stage for further growth and allows us to expand our capabilities beyond the shelf—establishing ourselves as leaders in technology who can meet—and exceed—the requirements necessary to build thriving smart retail businesses, smart cities, and industry 4.0.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to create bigger and more innovative technological solutions, we’re all for it. And I can’t wait to unveil what’s coming up next.

John Ricci