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Digital Smart Labels™ take a bite out of food waste

By November 18, 2018April 24th, 2023No Comments

Digital Smart Labels™ are one of the most effective ways to make shopping more sustainable for their ability to cut down on potential food waste at the point of purchase while also helping to improve sales and margins.

Currently, most grocery stores use store associates to physically markdown items as goods approach their sell-by date. This leads to steep discounts at the last minute with some customers potentially turning down these deals as items may look past their best.

The sheer volume of items that grocers sell means that they are just not able to change all food prices as often as they’d like. But with Digital Smart Labels™, retailers can make unlimited changes, on any shelf, anywhere, in seconds. This agility means they can adjust the price of perishable items in more strategic and graduated ways. By encouraging shoppers to purchase items further away from the sell-by date, retailers can reduce waste and protect margins.

What’s more, huge savings are made in paper and ink when replacing paper labels with digital ones – not to mention the environmental impact of eliminating paper at the shelf edge.

Supermarkets will be able to reduce waste and spoilage by changing prices during the day according to freshness of products. It’s one of the first areas retailers will see a return on when implementing Digital Smart Labels™.