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Refining your pharmacy experience

By January 16, 2023May 25th, 2023No Comments

During the pandemic, technology assisted pharmacies in expanding their contribution to the care of patients and essentially increased their role on the front lines. While we are moving forward, the systems and processes, and more so the value of online and in-store technology has increased and continues to gain traction.

Automation provides several benefits to pharmacy owners including increased accuracy and speed, better utilization of staff, and improved inventory management. With consumers demanding more from retail, including help on-demand when needed, pharmacies have a unique opportunity to transform traditional paper labels in the store into an automated strategy that helps save time, money, and improve customer service.

“These technologies form an ecosystem in pharmacy, with one flowing into the other,” says Ashwin Juneja, an Ottawa-based relief pharmacist and pharmacy consultant. “Their functions fall into two key categories: the first are those technologies that free up our time in our daily tasks, and the second are those that allow us to be more progressive in our profession, to go that extra mile for our patients.”

Adding Digital Smart Labels™ in a pharmacy to automate pricing and promotions on the shelf is just one of the benefits of implementing this technology; it will also provide more value and information on the shelf to the consumer and staff, essentially transforming and modernizing the in-store experience. The following are a few examples of how Danavation’s multi-faceted Digital Smart Labels™ will benefit your business far beyond pricing and promotion updates:

When it comes to pharmacy products, the more information, the better. And that is just what you can expect when using Digital Smart Labels™. The options of what can be included and displayed on the shelf are plentiful. Adding beyond the standard product name and information we are used to seeing on paper labels, can be expanded and customized as requested.

We know how important brand loyalty is in general, let alone when it comes to a medication or over-the-counter treatment options. The inclusion of product brand logos on the shelf would be a positive addition for customers when they are scanning the seemingly endless shelves of similar-looking products. Beneficial for consumers and staff alike!

In addition to providing necessary product information to customers, QR codes on the shelf can be an incredible source of information. As consumers, patients and care providers can attest to, reading labels on medications and/or treatments to find pertinent information can be challenging, especially when scanning fine print. Enter Digital Smart Labels™ and their QR code linking to clear information regarding possible allergens, allergy triggers and drug interactions to be aware of. This is important and necessary information one should not have to search for. Having this information listed can free up time for the pharmacist who might have a line of people waiting to discuss medications and treatments. This is not meant to replace a pharmacist’s extremely valuable, necessary contribution, just assist consumers in facilitating for themselves.

The ease of updating prices – as many as 4,000 price changes per month due to promotions – can be managed and executed with the touch of a screen, from the store’s central computer. Staff hours saved, work-flow systems refined, and label accuracy improved.

Digital Signage with NFC can be used to download all the promotions, join a newsletter or leave a review for the product or the store. Using NFC tags in stores is another incredible information carrier. Simply tap on the tag to instantly receive informative data on the product of interest, or compare products/price points. Additionally, digital signage with NFC tags can lead the user to download in-store promotions, provide the option to join a newsletter or to leave a product or business review.

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