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Digital in-store trends in the beauty industry

By July 5, 2022April 28th, 2023No Comments

Digital Smart Labels Beauty Industry

The digital age has made buying beauty supplies and accessories easier than ever. However, despite the digital transformation of shopping, many consumers still prefer to shop in stores. So, what are they looking for when they go in-store?

The Importance of In-Store Experience

With the rise of digital space, many people have started questioning the need for physical stores. However, this does not mean that the in-store experience is irrelevant.

Shoppers Want a Hands-on Experience

The importance of the in-store experience cannot be overstated. It allows brands to offer a holistic customer experience and build deeper customer relationships. Additionally, it allows customers to try out products before buying them and discover new products they might not know about.

When it comes to finding the perfect product for their needs, shoppers want to be able to touch, smell, and try out products. They also want to be able to ask questions about how the product works or how they can use it.

Shoppers Want Expert Advice

Shoppers often turn to store associates when they need help with their beauty routine or when they’re considering switching to a new brand or product line. They know that store attendants have access to information that won’t be available online, so they rely on these experts for advice on how best to use their products once they’ve made a purchase.


Shoppers also want an inspiring experience when they shop in-store. They want to learn how to use new products and techniques on themselves or others. It is also important for brands to understand how digital trends are influencing their in-store experience. For example, consumers are using social media more than ever before, so brands must have a strong presence on social media platforms where customers can interact with them directly or ask questions about their products. This can help them gain customer loyalty, increasing sales over time.

Trends Facilitating the Digital Transformation

Brands are using these digital trends to improve the in-store experience of their clients.

1. Brands Using Data Science

Digital trends in the beauty industry are important to staying ahead of the curve. Leveraging big data for new product development, for example, is a trend that can help companies stay ahead of their competitors and bring in more revenue.

Big data describes large amounts of information that software programs and algorithms can analyze. Online retailers have used this type of analysis for years. However, brick-and-mortar stores have adopted it as well. Big data allows retailers to understand their customers’ preferences and needs better so they can offer products that will be more appealing than those offered by competitors.

2. Personalized Experiences Take Priority

Beauty products are a $60 billion industry, and it’s growing. As more people become aware of the benefits of skincare, and as new technologies make it possible to customize products to suit an individual’s needs, the industry is expected to grow even more. Consumers are becoming more informed and educated about their options and are looking for ways to personalize their experiences.

3. Male Grooming

The male grooming industry is growing, not just because of the changing attitudes about masculinity. Men are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of themselves and are looking for products that help them do so in an affordable, easy way. The digital beauty industry has responded to this trend by creating apps that allow men to get the same quality products that women have come to expect.

4. Smart Labels

Smart labels are digital labels that use sensors to communicate with consumers. These labels can communicate with shoppers in many ways, like notifying them when they’re nearby an item they might want to buy.

At Danavation, our Digital Smart Label™ technology removes paper pricing and provides more product information on the shelf for customers. Customers demand more attention during their in-store shopping experience but also want to find more information about the products they are considering. Digital Smart Labels™ can incorporate the use of QR codes to access more information such as reviews, videos, and product information that empowers customers.

Digital Smart Labels™ can also increase brand loyalty by including brand logos, special offers, and rewards.

The future remains bright for the beauty industry. It has changed with time while retaining its core values of service, quality, and experience. As we’ve seen, brands are innovating to maintain relevance, from digital upstarts to new business models. We will no doubt see further developments in the years ahead as new technologies emerge and client demands continue to evolve. Both in-store and digital shopping can exist side by side for some time while supporting complementary channels.