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Enhancing value to the consumer shopping experience

By April 10, 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.”
– Clare Muscutt

The retail landscape and customer’s expectations are ever-evolving. Staying current while providing the best consumer experience should always be top of mind. We have witnessed first-hand the numerous advantages, versatility, and capabilities of Danavation’s® Digital Smart Labels™ transforming the face of retail. Adopting this digital transformation is essentially a turnkey solution to increased in-store efficiencies – above all, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience, and ensuring that your brand becomes a staple in their retail lives.

Customer Service

McKinsey’s 2022 State of Customer Care Survey validates the increased focus on customer service by highlighting, “Customer care is now a major opportunity for businesses. Done well – through a combination of tech and human touch – it is an area where companies can drive loyalty through a more personalized customer journey while unlocking greater productivity, increased revenue, improved job satisfaction, and real-time customer insights.”

Investing in customer service helps your business immensely as a loyal customer base will help you acquire new customers and market your business on your behalf free of charge by convincing prospects to engage with your brand. Their positive testimonials will be more effective than your current marketing efforts and as well as less expensive. As we already know, one positive experience could make customers loyal to a brand, whereas one negative interaction could send them running to a competitor. You want your customer base to remain loyal to your business. Set your business up for success by striving to provide an exceptional experience for your customers each time they visit your location.

Ensure staff provide a positive atmosphere by being attentive, knowledgeable and helpful on a consistent basis towards all who enter your space. That ensures customers feel appreciated and that they are being heard by staff, and understood through passive signs like having a clean, organized shopping space with up-to-date product information available.

Retail automation provides value to both the consumer and staff alike. Danavation® has developed solutions for retail company owners to transform their business. Digital Smart Labels™ offer a class-leading high resolution, high contrast, wide viewability and vibrant colour displays designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

Loyalty Programs

Generally, most businesses have their own branded loyalty programs. The challenge can be spreading the word effectively so people will listen, engage and optimize the benefits. Offering such programs at your business, regardless of how you promote it, are beneficial for both the customer and the business. The key is to be consistent in your promotional delivery of the benefits to entice your client-base to get on board and sign up to reap the loyalty program rewards.

One way to get your customers to realize and seek your business’ incentives is via newsletter, a beneficial way to share up-to-date product or pricing information. You can promote your loyalty program on the shelf using Digital Smart Labels™ and digital signage. QR codes provide the perfect launching point you can find right on the programmed Digital Smart Labels™. Scan the code to gain valuable information on the product you are interested in. This link can contain as much or as little information as you choose, and is highly versatile as an additional marketing tool. Another option is a shelf talker, which is used for a promotion, to clarify or segment an offer, or to contribute to the display of a product. Serving as signage or a visual communication, a shelf talker serves as a call to action to further engage your customers.


To entice customers to enter your business and prioritize your brand as a place they will continue to make a destination for their shopping experience, do your best to make your space as convenient as possible. Choosing a physical store location where you can facilitate parking or offer it nearby will cast you in a favourable light with your customers before they even enter your space. As for store hours, factor in the habits of your customers and ensure your location is open to their foot traffic and purchasing habits. There is much to be said for opening a bit earlier or staying open later than standard hours to capture those who want to engage with your brand.

Ensure that customers will always value their in-store shopping experience with you by offering product information at the shelf without having to search for pricing and store promotions or sales. Digital Smart Label™ systems are an ideal investment for retail locations to improve convenience when it applies to displaying and managing available stock levels on the label. As a result of this technology, stores can increase operational efficiency, reduce paper and save time updating pricing and product information. Automate pricing and promotions on the shelf in real-time by using Danavation’s® proprietary technology. By adopting this technology, retailers across all sectors are leading from the front when it comes to digitally transforming their operations.