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How technology is shaping grocery

By November 18, 2019April 24th, 2023No Comments

As with all industries, grocery is being disrupted by technology. With the advent of consumer-focused Artificial Intelligence (AI), grocery retailers can now offer an enhanced shopping experience.

According to Canadian Grocer, Sobeys is currently piloting high-tech “smart” shopping carts that offer an interactive shopping experience as well as a built-in pay system that allows shoppers to bypass checkout lines.

Consumer-focused AI, or in-store customer experience technologies, are slowly becoming a disruptive force within the food industry, says Canadian Grocer. These technologies are all about cutting costs, labour-costs specifically.

However, those working in retail have nothing to fear – AI won’t replace people’s roles. Instead, we’ll start to see people’s roles change as AI automates mundane tasks. For example, AI can price products dynamically and price updates can be instantly communicated at the shelf level through Digital Smart Labels™. This means that grocery personnel will then be freed up to focus on more customer service oriented tasks.

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